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When You're Dead, Then What? - Answers

Answers about Heaven that I have learned

Updated: 04-29-2011 @ 10:32AM In 2002, my wife and I were shopping at Walmart, and I walked into the section where they sell books. The first book I came to was a book by Sylvia Browne. I read the front and the back and I found that it had answers to many of Life’s questions. The information below is from my memory, of what I remember reading in many of her books, I didn’t write this word for word from the books. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading my short ebook.

All religions are correct. Their main purpose is to get you closer to God. Which ever church you feel best at, and it’s helping you to get closer to God, then you’re in the right church.

When Sylvia Browne was I believe around 5 years old, she heard a voice say this: ”Sylvia, I come from God, don’t be afraid”. It scared her really bad and she ran down stairs to her grandmother for help. Her grandmother told her that it was alright, because many people in her family on back to around 300 years were able to hear someone that could converse back and forth with them from Heaven (A gift from God). Her grandmother told her that it was her Spirit Guide that is at our right side for all of our life. A Spirit Guide is part of our conscience, to encourage us to do things right. People that have no remorse do not have a Spirit Guide. Her Spirit Guide tells her what’s going on in Heaven, the world, and the universe. So Sylvia Browne is like a first hand reporter. Sylvia still went to doctors, to have them check her out to make sure that she wasn’t crazy. They said that she’s totally normal. Sylvia Browne’s Spirit Guide told her that our whole life here on Earth is a school. We are here to learn for ourselves and for God. The majority of us have had up to around 50 some lifetimes here. You only live once, in the body you now have. Each lifetime you are still the same spirit, we just allow a veil to block our memory while we’re here. Hypnosis will reveal our past lives in detail. Our spirits are pure energy and we were all created from sparks from God at the same time, so we are all the same age. She said we are all extremely brave for coming here; and we did so, that we could advance spiritually much faster. We get to pick our parents, our name, our looks, nationality, birth date, height and weight and we chart our whole lifetime with tests that we can learn from, by overcoming negativity. Some people even choose to die at the same time with someone they love, so they can go together. There is no negativity in Heaven, so we have to learn these lessons here. We normally chart ourselves a harder life than we would want to, but on the other side with no negativity, we say no problem we can handle it. There is a Council, God and your Spirit Guide that help you plan your chart. Your Spirit Guide is normally one of your best friends and will always be at your right side during your whole lifetime, and is part of your conscience suggesting what you should do. So, when you say something told you to look again before pulling out into traffic, it was probably your Spirit Guide. You also have around 4 angels that are around you wherever you go, protecting you. Your Spirit Guide and angels don’t take up space like here on earth.We all have many talents and are quite knowledgeable about many subjects, but we choose to have less talents temporarily here on Earth, to make it harder for us.

Heaven is in a higher frequency dimension, and it is perfect with many of the buildings, land masses and surroundings being similar to here. Past land masses that are now in the ocean are still dry land in Heaven. All art or information that has been destroyed on Earth is still in Heaven. When you pass from here to Heaven, you just go through a tunnel that leads you a short distance away (around 20 feet) to another dimension 3 feet above the ground. There you are greeted first by all of your pets that you’ve had in your lifetimes and then your families and friends.

The temperature is always 78 degrees Fahrenheit with a light breeze and it’s always daylight. You don’t require shelter, sleep, food or drink, but you may eat or drink anything you want without gaining extra weight. Everything that you could ever want to make you happy is there, or it wouldn’t be Heaven. You don’t need a house or mansion, but most people have one anyways. Some people prefer a shack as their mansion, others prefer what the world would consider a mansion. The mansions and shacks can be right next to each other. If you want to build your house from scratch if that was your trade, you’re permitted to. Otherwise you can just think of what house you want, and it appears. If you want to be somewhere in Heaven, just think that you want to be there and you’re there. You can also be in 2 or 3 places at one time. You could be studying something new in one place while at the same time visiting relatives some place else. As you get higher spiritually, you can be in even more places at one time. If people want to contact you, there is something like an answering machine, that they can leave a message at.

Sicknesses are planned by us and aging is planned in our chart, so we’ll want to return to Heaven. Our vision and hearing there will be perfect and we will be able to see and hear really far or really close at will. Also, we will have more than 5 senses. Everyone in Heaven looks 30 years old. Just before you are born here on Earth, you looked 30 years old. When you go back to heaven you return to looking 30 years old. Before we are born, we need to go into a room that shrinks us to a small size, so we will fit into our newly born small body. We then go into our baby body when we’re born. If we chicken out, then that is what causes babies to be stillborn. She said we all speak one language fluently, I believe she said it was called Aramaic.

There is sports in Heaven and many stadiums and golf courses. You can travel to anywhere in the Universe that you would want to, instantly. We have families and children and a social life and attend many parties. We can change our bodies appearance to what ever race or national origin we would want to look like, and wear whatever clothes we would like to wear.

In two verses in the Bible, God talks about Himself using the words “Us” and “His Own Image – male and female”. In the King James Version, it says in Genesis 1:26 And God said, let Us make man in Our image, after Our Likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Continuing in Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

Sylvia also says that God’s Name is Om (which I believe through translation sounds a lot like “I Am”) and He has a female Co-Creator Named Azna. So God is not a single parent. It says that the Holy Ghost is the Love between the Father God and Mother God. It says Jesus is The Christ Consciousness. Sylvia has written 3 separate detailed books: one on Father God, one on Mother God and one on Jesus.

Some people prefer to travel slowly in a Heavenly car to see the sights in Heaven, instead of just getting to places instantly.

World Holidays are observed there and during Christmas there is a white Christmas with Heavenly snow that is warm and dry, instead of cold and wet. There are no insects in Heaven, except butterflies. If you loved insects on Earth and prefer them to be around you, then there are insects in your part of Heaven.

There are no computers in Heaven, because we have perfect recall of every moment of everyone of our lives. There is nothing to buy or sell in Heaven and there is no money needed. People we work with on our jobs now, we knew them before in Heaven. In Heaven, we do research, teach others, care for animals, go to music performances, and have free time to enjoy favorite things to do. A favorite pass-time there is personally going into artificial lives temporarily, of famous or not famous people that have lived on Earth in 3D in all directions, just like you were a ghost next to them, so you could experience their life first hand as they did. You could start or stop it at any time. This would be in the place of watching DVD’s here on Earth. Time in Heaven doesn’t exist.
We also have cell memories from previous lives. An example is a man that lived in the 1200′s that was run over by a large wooden cart, that crippled him. In this life at the same age that this happened to him then, he became crippled and the doctors said there was no reason for him to have any problems with his legs. One way to remedy this problem is to tell yourself daily for 7 days before you go to bed, that this was not caused from this life, and pray to release the cell memory into the White Light of the Holy Spirit.

If you have a near death experience and your whole life flashes before you in an instant. It’s one of your 5 scheduled outs that you have available in your lifetime. During this flash, you instantly go to Heaven and are put before the Scanning Machine that shows you your whole life in 3 dimensional clarity. You at that moment choose that you either want to go on to heaven immediately, or stay here because you still have unfinished business. There are no coincidences or accidents, they are all planned in our charts.

Each of us has a (invisible in this dimension) silver thread coming from our chest up into Heaven. This is our lifeline, so we’re not cordless. When we die here, the silver thread is cut. If any of our family or friends dies without a chance to say goodbye. You can say goodbye to them at anytime and they will hear you. If you were really close, they will visit you often and encourage you through your mind. Usually grandparents or parents that have crossed over will help you also through dreams. If you don’t remember your dreams, then ask God to help you remember them, and He will. Some people you will schedule in your lifetime to give you problems. It’s your job to get through them with the least strife. If you have tried your best in life to stay away from God and have not tried to get closer to Him and have given more problems to others, then you will probably not have a choice when you die, and you will just immediately be born into a newborn child. If you go to Heaven, you normally take around a 100 year Break, before returning to Earth. Also, around 2024, the veil between this life and the next will thin, and we will be able to see and hear our loved ones that have gone on to Heaven. Ghosts are spirits that don’t know that they are dead and think we are dead instead, and think that we are invading their space. They have not gone on to heaven but insist on staying here. Most of them if you tell them they are dead and for them to go on to God in Heaven, they will. Otherwise it’s best for us to move to a new house. A brand new house could be haunted, because the Ghosts are on the land. The land is old, but the house is new. We actually get homesick by not being in Heaven, so we visit Heaven several times a week, during some moments while we are sleeping.

Sylvia Browne has found out that life on Earth will stop around the year 2100. Most of us here now won’t be in the flesh here then, since we would be too old to be still alive, and most of us here are on our last lifetime; until the Earth is habitable again. The Earth will still be here in 2100, but no human life here for at least a million years, because of damage to our eco-system. It will take at least that long for the earth to restore itself to sustain life again. In the mean time, we will be in Heaven. There are many Temples (Halls) in Heaven. She has a book that details what these temples are used for, what they look like and what we learn in them. I believe she said there are around 23 of them. She has found out about them recently from a conversation with her Spirit Guide. She asked her Spirit Guide “Why haven’t you told me about these temples before?” Her Spirit Guides response was: ”Well, you didn’t ask me about them before.” So evidently, her Spirit Guide tells her what she thinks she needs to know, only. She said that Jesus’s Main Message to us when He came to Earth, was: ”Love God, Love One Another”.This is a brief overview of what I’ve read so far in her books. There are a lot more details and other information. You’re welcome to read her books for yourself, and see if I reported what I read from memory correctly.

Thanks for reading this.
Mike Flex

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