Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Hoppers "Eastern Gate" 1992

The Happy Goodmans "Thank God, I'm Free" TV Classic

The Joymasters "Thank God I'm Free "

Gold City "When I Get Carried Away"

Gold City "Get Up, Get Ready"

Gold City "I Cast My Bread Upon The Water"

Gold City "Mercy Came Running"

Gold City "Peter, James and John"

Gold City (Reunion) "John Saw" February 2012

Gold City "Moving Up To Gloryland" 1986

The Gold City Quartet "I Think I'll Read It Again" 1984

Gold City "At Calvary"

The Inspirations "If You Only Knew (I'm Just Going Home)"

The Inspirations "Just A Little Talk With Jesus"

The Inspirations "When I Wake Up (To Sleep No More) "

The Inspirations "(That's Where I'll Live Forever More) Talk about Dying"

Friday, September 6, 2013

Aspartame = Poison

***Aspartame = Poison***

Yet people still drink it,

and wonder why they get MS or Lupus or

fibromyalgia symptoms,
shooting pains,
numbness in the legs,
joint pain,
unexplainable depression,
anxiety attacks,
slurred speech,
blurred vision,
or memory loss.